TECHNOLOGYPrivate, Secure,
and Efficient

As a blockchain agnostic enterprise application, is capable of publishing smart contracts to most blockchains, however our recommended configuration for enterprise lenders and issuers consists of a permissioned (private) version of Ethereum hosted by Quorum. The system and user interface are hosted securely by AWS.

Key Benefits of Using a Private Blockchain
Environmentally Friendly

Energy consumption is significantly reduced when publishing digital securities and loans to a private blockchain.

Only those with permissioned access can view the information recorded.

A cost-effective alternative to publishing to the Ethereum “mainnet” – avoid increasing computing (gas) costs. is a proud member of the R3 Corda Venture Development Program, allowing us to work closely together on the latest developments and methods of deploying financial smart contracts using R3 Corda.

 Ethereum offers the flexibility to program highly customizable financial smart contracts with options for both public and private blockchain deployment.

Quorum provide best in class infrastructure and tools for managing and deploying private versions of Ethereum for clients.

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