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and Sell Commercial

Earn’s enterprise software solution enables lenders to efficiently originate, acquire, and dispose of commercial loans.

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    Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency

    By publishing commercial loans to a permissioned blockchain using Earn’s enterprise software, lenders can enjoy unparalleled risk management, security, certainty, and control throughout the lending process.

    According to Deloitte – In 2021, 69% of chief risk officers at financial institutions reported that enhancing the quality, availability, and timeliness of risk data will be an extremely high priority over the next two years.
    Reduce Risk
    When originating loans, conducting due diligence, or transferring debt instruments with Earn.re, all communications, documents, and transactions are authenticated and permanently stored to the digital loan file on the blockchain. Miscommunication, manipulation of information, and data loss are effectively mitigated with Earn’s enhanced security features.
    Increase Efficiency
    The blockchain acts as custodian for the loans, a registry of ownership, and a ledger of all transactions and payments. At origination, a smart contract created by Earn.re runs validation checks on the loan files and the output is documented permanently to the blockchain. When a loan is transferred or pledged to a third party, the transaction is added to the blockchain, reflecting the transferee as owner or pledgee.
    Originating loans to the blockchain via Earn is fast and simple providing your organization with unparalleled scalability and control.
    Establish your preferred workflows and origination procedures using our highly customizable enterprise solution.
    Send secure invitations to borrowers and service providers to populate each loan file according to your pre-established workflows.
    Once a loan file has been fully populated and validated, the loan is funded and automated servicing via smart contract commences.

    Disposition & Transfer

    Loan disposition and transfer using Earn is fast and efficient - the blockchain provides a transparent and authentic record of ownership.
    Post your loan for sale via the Earn platform at a fixed price or in a competitive auction format allowing for bids from multiple purchasers.
    Send secure invitations to your network of qualified purchasers to conduct due diligence on the loan file and to submit bids for the purchase of the loan.
    Seamlessly transfer ownership of the loan to qualified purchasers after approving the transfer and purchase price. Funds are securely wired to your account upon transfer.

    Bundle & securitize

    The Earn system enables you to bundle multiple loans together, fractionalize ownership of the bundle, and issue participation interests to qualified purchasers.

    Alternatively, Earn also allows you to securitize your loans and issue fractionalized ownership to accredited investors with secondary liquidity options available via Earn’s digital ATS partners.