Investing in digital securities and debt via the Earn platform provides enhanced safety, certainty, and control not previously available until now.

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    A Superior Investment Experience

    Investing in asset backed securities using provides advantages not otherwise available including:
    Advanced due diligence
    In a CRE investment transaction, significant time is typically spent on due diligence activities related to financial, environmental, and legal review. This is predominantly due to the use of physical documents that are often stored in siloed places and have limited flexibility to be customized to suit various needs. Earn has built tools in its system that allow for instrument level and aggregate pool diligence. Prospective buyers have visibility to all the underlying information which is authenticated by the blockchain via advanced cryptography.
    Automated distributions and record keeping publishes smart contracts on the blockchain that act as automated servicing and distribution mechanisms for each instrument providing electronic money movement and escrow capabilities, while permanently recording all transaction history.
    Enhanced safety and security uses best practices in security, including two factor authentication and digital certificates for identity. Digital assets published to the blockchain by Earn are not portable, and all monetary transactions on Earn are facilitated through Wilmington Trust, a division of M&T Bank, a Federal Reserve member bank. All records on the blockchain are immutable, providing an audit trail for any transaction.
    Secondary trading and transfer
    The system enables streamlined secondary trading and transfer amongst a worldwide network of investors and qualified purchasers. Issuers have the option of listing the digital securities created with on regulated third-party exchanges in the US and internationally providing liquidity to a historically illiquid asset class.

    Enterprise Software for Digital CRE Debt and Equity