Tokenize Existing Debt Instruments

Our fully compliant commercial Debt Tokenization Service gives qualified lenders access to a US regulated secondary market along with a full suite of blockchain-powered management tools and services. Earn is currently accepting applications from interested lenders.

Broker Dealer API

Qualified broker dealers can provide their clients with private-label access to the Earn network, technology and tokenization services. Charts, tools, reporting, network access and more are available via the Broker Dealer API. Click below to learn more.

Loan Servicing

Earn Debt Tokens are programmed with smart contract rules enabling automatic collection of debt payments from Borrowers, and the subsequent distribution of funds to token-holders. Powered by a public Ethereum blockchain, Earn Loan Servicing provides lenders with a secure, immutable, and unimpeachable record of all transactions and documents related to each loan.