Investments That Align With Your

Earn provides access to a broad assortment of commercial real estate investment opportunities with minimums as low as $10,000, enabling you to build a diversified portfolio.


Securities listed on the Earn platform are represented by ERC1400 compliant security tokens, so unlike most real estate investments, your position is highly liquid and can be disposed of or traded at anytime. Smart contracts associated with each security token ensure fast, secure, and accurate distribution of funds, dividends, and payments.

Projects Carefully Vetted
Prior To Listing

Experienced real estate operators rely on Earn to source the capital they need to improve and add value to commercial properties. Every investment opportunity offered on the Earn platform is vetted, negotiated and analyzed by several in-house and 3rd party experts before it is listed on the platform.

* Fewer than 10% of the numerous investment opportunities reviewed each month meet our rigorous standards.

Become an Investor

Invest in project-specific Equity and Debt shares anytime and receive one ERC1400 Security Compliant Token for each share purchased.