Record Keeping

Once recorded, your financial instrument data on the Earn.re platform cannot be changed retroactively providing a, immutable record, enhancing stakeholder safety and security.

The Earn platform provides its users tools to create a single source of truth by recording transaction details immutably to the blockchain in a safe, secure, and compliant manner.

Distressingly, few organizations operate from a shared “digital truth,” or, as blockchain-for-banks consortium R3 puts it, “I see what you see…and I know that what I see is what you see.” For many of us, multiple versions of “digital truth” add unnecessary complexity to our lives.


When issuing securities and originating debt via the Earn platform, users are assured that the information associated with their financial instruments, i.e. documents, communications, and ongoing reporting data will be permanently recorded to the blockchain. This digital permanence provides a reliable source of truth for all stakeholders involved in the transaction and affords a level of transparency and accountability that hasn’t previously existed.

Immutable record keeping in the digital realm is of vital importance, especially when it comes to the risks associated with securities and debt origination.
According to the Atlantic, 49 percent of the hyperlinks referenced in U.S. Supreme Court decisions rotted off the Web as of 2013.(1)

(1) Megan Garber, “49% of the Links Cited in Supreme Court Decisions Are Broken,” The Atlantic, Sept. 23, 2013