HOW IT WORKSSimplified
Digital Workflows

Manage workflows transparently throughout the lifecycle of CRE debt and equity instruments. Stakeholders enjoy ease of use and enhanced control as they digitally collaborate on transactions. All collaboration, documents, and information is stored immutably to the blockchain, protecting the interests and integrity of the issuer and stakeholders.
STEP 1Choose a plan
First, choose the plan that’s right for you based on your role as a lender, issuer, or fund manager. When you sign up, our team will provide advice and demonstrate the software so that you’re familiar and comfortable with the platform.
STEP 2Setup
Start by filling out a one-time onboarding questionnaire, which takes less than ten minutes to complete. After completing the forms, your account is established.
STEP 3Post
Now that you’ve setup your account, you can post new issuances or loans to the platform with ease. The system will guide you through the process of posting to ensure compliance and accuracy.
STEP 4Invite
With a few simple clicks, you can send invitations to your investors, qualified purchasers, borrowers, and service providers for onboarding and access to your postings. Their setup is free, fast, and easy.
STEP 5Manage subscriptions
Communicate with stakeholders and manage the subscription process with ease. Subscription docs are e-signed and funds are securely managed and escrowed in anticipation of closing.
STEP 6Publish
At the closing of each posting your instrument is published to the blockchain. Automated servicing and distributions are activated and investor units (tokens) are published directly to primary investors’ accounts.