With blockchain technology at the heart of the Earn.re platform, every transaction recorded is considered to be completely secured and verified. This is possible because of the presence of a consensus protocol which is a key component of any blockchain network.

To provide some background, a consensus algorithm enables all the peers of a blockchain network (multiple distributed computers hosting the same ledger of data) to reach a common agreement about the present state of the ledger. In this way, consensus algorithms achieve reliability and establish trust that the data represented is accurate and immutable since it has been authentically replicated in multiple locations. Essentially, the consensus protocol, in conjunction with cryptography, ensures that all new information added to the blockchain is the one and only version of the truth, agreed upon by all the peers in the network.
The blockchain consensus protocol
The consensus protocol guarantees the accuracy and certainty of each transaction, providing you and your stakeholders with peace of mind that all parties are working from a single source of truth when issuing securities, originating debt, or managing a fund using Earn.re.