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Empowering Real Estate with Digital Equity & Debt

Enterprise software for originating and maintaining commercial real estate (CRE) backed securities and loans on the blockchain - resulting in enhanced efficiency, security, transparency, and control.

Empowering Real Estate with Digital Equity & Debt provides enterprise software that enables its users to issue and maintain compliant commercial real estate (CRE) backed securities and debt instruments on the blockchain - resulting in enhanced efficiency, security, transparency, and control.

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    Smart Contract Workflows

    Originators of real estate backed securities and loans can automate key tasks with smart contracts, while providing stakeholders an immutable audit trail throughout the lifecycle of each instrument.’s open-architecture allows for a high-level of customization and integration with enterprise users and partners.
    Blockchain Based Workflow Automation Built Specifically for Commercial Real Estate (CRE)
    Earn serves the entire lifecycle of CRE securities and debt instruments.
    From primary issuance to distributions management and secondary transfers, we have you covered.
    Issue & Originate
    Issue securities and debt instruments backed by commercial real estate. The system automatically creates smart contracts on the blockchain that maintain the terms and performance of the underlying instruments. All activities, i.e. subscriptions, transfers, and distributions are recorded permanently on the blockchain.
    Automated servicing & distribution
    Smart contracts on the blockchain act as automated servicing and distribution mechanisms providing electronic money movement and escrow capabilities, while permanently recording all transaction history. Immutable transaction history allows for simplified due diligence on the part of future transferees, reducing risk and enabling better pricing.
    Virtual Data Room
    Information and documents stored in data rooms are hashed and recorded to the blockchain providing an immutable source of truth and authenticity for stakeholders.

    Manipulation of information after upload is impossible, increasing confidence in the data presented.
    Automated Cap Tables
    With the the blockchain at its core, the system provides issuers with real time automated cap table management, and investor transfer and liquidity options.

    Securities transfers are managed by a SEC registered transfer agent, interfacing directly with the smart contracts for regulatory record keeping.
    Compliant & Secure
    The system ensures industry standard security and compliance practices. Service providers like broker-dealers, transfer agents, etc. are accessible on demand to issuers via the platform.’s open architecture ensures that your service providers always have access to the data they need, when and how they need it.
    Open-Architecture software integrates via API or SFTP seamlessly with issuers, allocators, ATS’s, banks, broker-dealers, investor management systems, CRMs, transfer agents, escrow providers, RIAs, private lenders, accounting systems, and more. A-la-carte API services are available to select clients upon request.

    Comprehensive Solutions for Industry Leaders

    Our enterprise software solution simplifies CRE securities by digitizing the entire lifecycle of an investment for issuers and investors. Now any organization can easily and securely digitize their CRE investment process.

    Earn provides issuers a turn-key solution for:

    • Originating and servicing commercial debt
    • Fund management
    • Equity and debt securities

    Digital securities created with Earn provide investors with:

    • Advanced security features
    • Information and payments are transmitted automatically
    • 24/7 access to investments
    Enterprise Partners will empower your CRE securities and lending organization from behind the scenes via our secure open-architecture enterprise focused solutions.

    • Dedicated implementation team

    Enterprise Software for Digital CRE Debt and Equity