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Earn is developing one of the first US regulated digital platforms for trading commercial real estate securities.

We are now accepting applications.

What we do provides automated servicing and frictionless transfer of commercial real estate backed financial instruments.

Our advanced technology streamlines servicing, escrow, and instrument transfer for financial institutions. It enables qualified investors to deploy capital safely and securely, providing users with unparalleled transparency, access to liquidity, lower costs, faster closings, and greater control.
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The Earn platform was developed with cutting edge technology to provide its users a secure and compliant means to service and invest in US commercial real estate securities.



Earn technology offers unparalleled access to servicing and transaction records providing a transparent, auditable record for each instrument serviced and traded on the platform.



Documents and transactions related to each instrument are hashed (click to find out more) to the Ethereum public blockchain providing an immutable and secure record for all related parties. Hashes are cryptographically protected so as not to reveal private information to unauthorized viewers.

Advanced Trading Platform

Earn’s highly advanced trading platform enables financial institutions to trade and transfer debt instruments in an efficient, compliant, and transparent manner.

Advanced trading

Automated Servicing

Service your existing CRE backed debt and equity instruments on the Earn platform.

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Analyse and purchase CRE backed debt and equity instruments, and enjoy automatic distribution of funds to your bank account.